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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Please Be Informed!!

Dear my beloved and valued customers;

[Inhouse Boutique to be closed until July]

I have an annoucement to make. Please read until the last dot alright?

Please be informed that InHouse Boutique will be closed for the time being. It really means that we are going to close down temporarily. This blogshop will once again operates sometime in July. Please be patient and wait for our comeback.

I am currently very busy with all the progress going on for my soon-to-be-opened boutique in Raub. I need some time to reconstruct everything and also a new model to run this blogshop. Trust me, it is so hectic these days but I believe everything will be okay soon. :)

Please take note that InHouse Boutique will not be able to accept any orders starting from the second this post existed. Hehe. We are very sorry for any inconvenience. Feel free to contact me for any questions. Thank you.

Do wait for our comeback!


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