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Monday, March 16, 2009

New Items!!

Item Code: 016
Our Price: RM35
(Mid Valley Price: RM49.90)
Size: Free
(Fits to S and M,L && XL; need to unbutton)

Cardies Craze!!

Maroon Daisy
Chest: 30 Inch
Waist: 29 Inch

Wonder Butterflies
Chest: 30 Inch
Waist: 26Inch

1.Sold to Yanie

Retro Chic (with hoodie)
Chest:30 Inch
Waist: 27 Inch

1.Sold To Fyka

2.Sold to Nina Jamil
3.Sold to Yanie
4.Sold to Hanis

Color Stripes
Chest: 32 Inch
Waist: 30 Inch


Extra Tips: Cardigans is sweeping the street right now. These cardigans will be best worn with jeans, especially those faded jeans altogether with sport shoes or just your simple flipflops. You will surely be able to pull that sporty look! When it comes to shawl, avoid wearing the patterned shawl as the cardigans have already been filled with so much pattern. It is best to match your outfit with a plain shawl. To bring out the best in you, try matching it up with a darker/striker color of shawl compared to your preferred cardigan. Apart from bringing out the contrast, you will also create the funky style. This outfit is suitable for any gathering or even to your daily classes!

Hurry and place your order now!!


Quenn Annie said...

ney dha abis stock ker??

nurulfarhana said...

retro chick (with hoodie) availlable lagi tak sis.?

:: Tulip Bunga :: said...

nak tnya y retro chick (with hoodie )available x??? :D tgok nice je.. nak tempah ni..

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