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Monday, March 16, 2009

Items Still Available.

Updates updates!
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These are the items that are still available.
Grab one!
We're clearing the current one in order to add up new stock!


*Please click on the item code to link you directly to the item mentioned.*
Thank you!

Item 009
Vest with Baby Shirt
(colors available: Faded Brown, Pink, Yellow, Dark Brown, Green, White)

Item 004
Multi-toned Skirt
(colors available: Rosy Red, Pixie Purple, Bubbly Blue, Grassy Green)

Item 005
Multi-colored Mini Blouse
(colors available: White and Gray)

Item 002
PolkaDot Blouse
(colors available: Blue)

Item 003
Toned Color Skirt
(colors available: Ocean Blue, Bubblegum Pink, Nature Green, Sunny Yellow and Extreme Black)
Item 006
Striped Cardigan
(colors available: Yellow and Green)

Item 008
Layout Coloured Skirt
(one color, 3 stocks available)

Item 015
The Inner
(colors available: Dark Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Gray)

Item 001
Evening Dress
(colors available: Purple, Silver, Brown)

Item 007
Plain Baby Tee
(colors available: Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Hot Pink, Soft Pink)

Item 014
Striped Sleeveless Tee
(one stock available)

Item 011 & 012
(colors available: Orange, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Black)

Item 010
Turtled-Neck Inner
(colors available: White & Black)


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