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Friday, October 22, 2010

To "Alia"

Hello peeps!

I received one email from a girl claimed her self as "Alia" which I believed it is not.
As she just emailed me without giving any chance for me to replied her back I decided to make it published here.

As she wrote in the order form:

"rasanye xperlu kot nak ugut customer dgn statement "Just cancel my order and I'm willing to be BLACKLISTED by QOMA" seperti memaksa..kalaula customer tu tibe2 xde duit ke apa ke nak buat mcmane.. im giving my opinion based on the customer rights. Hope there will be no hard feeling."

Here my answer:

I'm giving 2 option for those who order from QOMA whenever they are not making a payment as promised which the first option is 1)Please email or contact me immediately to remind me and 2)Just cancel my order and I'm willing to be BLACKLISTED by QOMA

1)If u choose the first option QOMA's staff will call and ask for the new date of payment where most of the time the customer are either forget about the order they just make or they got some financial stuck here and there but yet we still can tolerate as most of the time we kept the item as request by the customer.

2) Then if u choose number 2 option it's your wish. We are not going to call you if you are not make a payment as promised and you SAVE but the cost is we will blacklisted you.
To "Alia":
I don't see where is the part that I'm "melanggar hak asasi pengguna or mengugut customer" as I believed most of the online business owner do practise the same things to back out buyer. One thing that u should know is BACK OUT BUYER & those who Request for Delay Payment is definetely two different things.I do buy from other online shop as well and me personally are fully aware of my financial capability whenever I make an order as I know at each of the order make by customer there are a number of effort from the owner from replying the email,packing the order,put it in proper wrapping and what do u expect when suddenly that particular customer just say I don't want it anymore? Just like that. And I don't think I would like to do a business with this kind of people again. It's unfair for those who really want to buy.
That's all.
Pada customer yang bagi kerjasama yang penuh terima kasih sangat dari
pihak QOMA's Boutique. ;D


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