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Friday, June 4, 2010

Custom Made Shawl (Arabian Master Piece)


*Those which name had been mark like this that means your order is KIV. We are really sorry that we cant restock it now but we will try somewhere around July. We will keep your order in waiting list and once stock are ready we will straightly inform you gals. PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED WITH ANY PAYMENT IF YOUR NAME HAS THE LINE. Just ignore the previous email that we send about the total payment.And for those who have been succesfully booked the item kindly proceed with your payment. Failed to do so we will proceed with the name in waiting list. Should you have any inquiry just call 09-3557988/0173455712. TQ! & & & I'm sorry. ;(

Arabian Master Piece
*Get 1 free cartoon brooch if pay within 24 hours after comfirmation. ;)
* Wholesale AVAILABLE/Min: 10 pieces


[Purple]* Paling CANTIK!!
2. Hafizahzarifah SOLD
3. Hariati BOOKED

3. Fadzlyne Hanny SOLD
4.Aidalina Mahili SOLD
1. Aisya Afzan BOOKED
2.Fazida BOOKED
5. Nurjanna Mahar BOOKED
6. Hariati BOOKED

[Dust Brwon]
1. Nadirah Azmi SOLD
2. Norizan Zuani SOLD
3. Naurah Makwa SOLD
4. Hariati BOOKED
5. Rozana BOOKED

[Black]*PALING Cantik!!

1. Ulfah SOLD
2. Finaz Yunus COD
3. Hariati BOOKED


anak ain said...

saya(norizan zuaini) ru jer buat payment utk shawl nie td kul 9.02 pagi..tak sabar nak pakai...mmg shwal dr butik Qoma smua cantik2...bila nak bukak cawangan kat jb....pahang jauh sgt....lau dekat da lama g butik nie... semoga butik nie trus maju...

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