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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Pengumuman I:

Sy sedang mencari handmade2 goodies and stuff yang super cute untuk dijual di butik sy.
sila email/call me at: @ 017-3455712 untuk pertanyaan lebih lanjut.
sy sgt adore things like handmade painted shoes ke,tee ke,tote bag ke,ape2 la.
sila juga bagi link website anda agar sy dapat belek2/jenguk2 hasil kerja anda yang cute.
supportla indie group handmade goodies. (tibe2 jee.)

Pengumuman II:

saya dan beberapa orang teman sedang merancang satu event that similar like Bijou Bazaar but this will emphasize on the involvement of IPTA/IPTS young entrepreneurs. you might need to pay a certain amount of fees but you will enjoy a lot of benefits apart from your participation. okayla just give a hint skit2 la what we are planning to do.
we maybe choose UM or UKM as the place for that bazaar. by paying the fees, you can enjoyy the benefit of not only can open your booth at the bazaar but also being included in the flyer that will be dstributed in Klang Valley area.well believe me.Klang Valley is a damn good place if you want to market you kan. tak payah keluar modal beribu ringgit untuk cetak flyer tpi dgn cara perkongsian nih,bukan saja jimat,tp tgok la hint blog kamu naik mendadak.
untuk yang berminat sila email:

Nama Pemilik:
Jenis Produk:
Link Blog:

email ke
just email us if interested and we dont mind if you want to cancel or what.
we are just want to collect the data of all IPTA/IPTS blogshop owner.


Mell's Delite said...

berminat pasal bazaar tu. kalau jual produk dlm bentuk makanan boleh join ke??

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