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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear Customers,

What a tired day that i had today. But its okay coz InHouse is everything for me.Btw those urban muslimah outside, please & please & please stayyyy tune. New stock are 'InHouse' already. Just waiting for the right time to do the photoshoot.Now we have very chic cardigan,superbbb long dress, baby dress, ehee that elegant jacket,varies colour of innnerr n few fantastic shawl design comes to ur eyes. :)

InHouse new family member. :)

& & & Shawls on SALE soon!
Sila Bersabar. :)


SyuhadaJohari said...

cantik shawl!! nak nakkk! :)

Qoma Collection said...

haha okay2!

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