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Monday, May 25, 2009

RePost: Item Two.(BT008)

Item Code: BT008
Price: RM45
(Chic's Sunway Piramid Price: RM59.90!!)
Size: Free size
(Height must be less than 158cm)

Layout Color Skirt for those Cheerie Girls!

Extra Tips: Most suitable worn with plain-colored shawl with different colors of baby tee and inner. To make yourself stand out, dare yourself to play around with happy and bright colors. For those of you who prefer to wear black-colored inner, make sure to match your outfit with shawl that has patterns on it in order to balanced the color. && Don't forget to wear penjinak tudung before you wear the shawl as it will surely helps you a lot to shape your face.

* Only comes in one color, as worn in pictures.
* 3 stocks available

Hurry and place your order!


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