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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Item Three.

Item Code: 005(SOLD OUT!!)
Price: RM36
Price Markdown:Now at RM29.90 ONLY!!!
Size: Free

Multi-colored Mini Blouse for you!

Extra Tips: Can be worn anytime you want, especially during gatherings or just a day out with loved ones! Most suitable if worn with black/white leggings. Skinny jeans would do too. Shawls should be light-colored to avoid mismatching. To accessorize your blouse, add in a belt that matches your inner, this will definitely creates an extra affect. Penjinak tudung will definitely plays a major role in shaping your face for any of your favourite shawls!

* Comes in two different colors!
* Only one stock available for each color.


(as worn in pictures)

Hurry and place your order!


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