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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Item Code: 003
Price: RM45
Size: Free

Toned Color Skirt for you!

Extra Tips: The best way to wear it is match it up with a black or white inner. Avoid using closed-surface shoes to avoid looking short. Match your appearance with a belt that goes the same color as your skirt, this will also helps you to look slimmer. Suitable as an office attire, if matched with a jacket with a lighter color than the skirt. Avoid using necklace and belt at the same time, it will looks like you are weighed down with both of the items. Choose either one, preferably. :) Match your shawl with your skirt if you want too! And don't forget your ">penjinak tudung goes along with that. :)

* Comes in 5 different colors!

Ocean Blue
1.Booked for Mazuin

Bubblegum Pink
1.Sold to Shima,Raub

Nature Green

Extreme Black
1.SOLD to Yasarah

& Sunny Yellow as worn by model.

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