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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Item Eleven.

Item Code: 013
Price: RM19
Size: Maximum fits small M

Item Code: 014
Price: RM15
Size: Maximum fits L

If you buy both at the same time, you will only need to pay:

Extra Tips: Add on with a striking-colored leggings such as blue or yellow. Suitable for casual wear to anywhere.

Hurry and place your order!


Anonymous said...

asal lak pakai tudung tp pakai skirt pendek?
islam ape nih?
mmg la skirt pendek tu dlm pakai inner pants. tp tgk la sendiri. ketat ke tak bende alah tu?!
tu pn berdosa tau x?
sengal tol la!
kalo x reti nk wat fesyen org islam,jgn buat. korg ni lg buat agama lain pandang serong kt islam lah! nk cth dress muslimah terbaik, tgk la wanita hari ini byk2 kt tv3 tu. they all kadang2 ada siarkan fesyen islam. lg sopan. xde la cam pompuan nk pergi clubbing.

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