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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Item One.

Item Code: 004
Price: RM55
(Uptown Shah Alam Price: RM69.00!!)
Size: Free[SOLD OUT!!]

A lovely skirt for lovely girls out there.
Grab and own one for yourself!

Extra Tips: Wear this gorgeous skirt with a plain inner + a shawl with a pattern that matches your skirt. You should avoid wearing blouses that are as same color as your skirt because it will make you look much older than your real age. && Don't forget to wear penjinak tudung before you wear the shawl. It will surely helps you a lot to shape your face.

Skirt can be worn casually or during special occasions.
Comfort guaranteed, and easily managed.
You will definitely look good in it. :)

Also available in 3 other colors.

Rosy Red

1.Sold to Ainaa,KL


Pixie Purple

1.SOLD to Adilla


Bubbly Blue



* Model is wearing Grassy Green

(Sold to Ainaa,KL 2.SOLD )

Hurry and place your order!


siti nur said...

aisehhhhhhhhhhh..hijau tu lawa laaa..xkan dah abih kot??? =(

KisahQoma said...

restock back. :)

Anonymous said...

sy pon minat yg ijau tu

dalilakmal said...

yang ini ada lagi ke? or dah lama habis?

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